Second windshifter installed which creates clean aggregate (Australia)

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence and efforts which enabled Nihot to become a key player in the field of air separation technology.

Nihot has supplied and installed a SDS windshifter in Australia for the separation of C&D/C&I waste.

The customer is ResourceCo Alternative Fuels, one of Australia’s largest recycling businesses, accepting and processing over two million tonnes of waste per annum.

Objective: Create clean hardcore – stones, concrete, FE, Nfe, etc. (heavy fraction)

Nihot’s scope of supply
The SDS 1000 windshifter creates a clean aggregate fraction from the C&D waste. This in addition to a Nihot DDS windshifter, installed in 2014, for creating a clean hardcore and wood fraction (and residue being the third fraction). The customer remains more than pleased with the performance of the DDS windshifter and added the SDS to its system, which replaced a locale zig zag windshifter.

SDS 1000
Capacity 20 t/h
Fraction size 14-40 mm

More information about the SDS, click here.

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