SDi windshifter removing heavy and inert contamination

SDi windshifter removing heavy and inert contamination from 0-40 mm C&I to create a clean RDF fraction. Special thanks to AKTID!

The SDi windshifter is processing 5 tph.

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Nihot recently supplied a DRS disc screen for removing the fine fraction from packaging waste in the UK!

The single deck DRS disc screen is processing curbside collected packaging waste (0-300 mm) and removing the fine paper fraction and small impurities (0-60 mm) for optimizing the sorting efficiency. The BHS Debris Roll Screen® (DRS) meets our customers’ needs: Premiere sizing tool at the lowest cost per tonne.

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A recently installed SDS windshifter in Italy!

The SDS 1200 windshifter is operational on the two waste streams: MSW and Heavy Packaging waste. On both streams the SDS is removing plastics (film and rigid) for further processing. The windshifter is processing a 20-350 mm fraction size. Nihot windshifters are characterized by using negative pressure (aspiration)

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