Removing inert material with our windshifter, operational in France

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence and efforts which enabled Nihot to become a key player in the field of air separation technology.

Nihot has supplied and installed an SDS windshifter in France for the separation of MSW waste.

The customer is Altriom, a company in France which recovers 90% of gray bin trash waste by automated industrial sorting (not sent to landfill or incinerator). With industrial sorting they separate incoming waste into 3 fractions for further processing:
• Organic materials,
• Recyclable packaging,
• Energy-potential waste.

Objective: Removing the inert material from the MSW waste stream for the protection of the secondary shredder and creating RDF with a higher calorific value

Nihot’s scope of supply

SDS 1400
Capacity 20 t/h
Fraction size 10-250 mm

More information about the SDS, click here.

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