Max-AI® robotic sorters

Max-AI robotic sorters uses artificial intelligence and robotics to sort waste so humans don’t have to. Through deep learning technology, Max employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similarly to the way a person does.

From robotic sorting to real-time material identification, this technology is powering real solutions and reduce any health risks that come along with human labor. Especially with COVID19 of high importance, removing gloves and masks from the waste stream.

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Max-AI product range

The Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) sorters are the ultimate in post-sort automation. The AQC makes multiple sorting decisions autonomously; for example, separating thermoform trays, aluminum, 3D fiber and residue from a stream of optically-sorted PET bottles.

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DDS windshifter producing high quality SRF

The customer, N+P Subcoal®, is more than pleased with the performance of the windshifter. The line is processing pre-separated C&I/MSW waste and the DDS windshifter adds value by protecting the secondary shredder, removing inert and creating high calorific value SRF (used in a kiln or boiler).

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One DDS windshifter = three fractions

1 windshifter = 3 fractions The DDS windshifter is specifically designed to separate a waste stream into three fractions (heavy, mid-heavy and light) all done in one pass. It was originally designed for C&D and C&I recovery applications by separating the input into: stones, wood and RDF material.

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