Film Vacuum System

In sorting cabins where manual sorting takes place, Nihot offers a series of very flexible and effective extra collection points for taking out film and foils from waste streams. The Film Vacuum System (FVS) is a combination of one or more suction points above a sorting belt, a recirculation fan and a Rotary Air Separator (RAS).

The FVS consists of one or more suction points, a re-circulation fan, and a material/air separator. The complete systems works in a closed loop. This means that the air which is used to suck the material is 100% brought back into the system. The FVS can be easily installed in existing sorting cabins.

Principle separating process

The material which is (manually) brought to the suction point, is sucked into suction hood and pneumatically conveyed to a RAS where the material is dropped pressure less onto a conveyor belt or storage bay.

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A recent installation in a French Packaging Waste sorting installation.

Nihot supplied 2 x WSF windshifters for extracting plastic film for further processing (waste recovery). One of these windshifters has a unique split-belt configuration to process A) 60-150 mm fraction on one side and B) 150-300 mm fraction size on the other side.

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A recycling plant in Australia operational with a Nihot DDS and SDS windshifter!

Both windshifters are processing C&D waste and creating a 3-way separation: (1) clean hardcore, (2) a wood fraction for recovery (2) and an RDF fraction (3). The DDS 1600 is processing 66 tph with a 50-110 mm fraction size.

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