One DDS windshifter = three fractions

1 windshifter = 3 fractions

The DDS windshifter is specifically designed to separate a waste stream into three fractions (heavy, mid-heavy and light) all done in one pass. It was originally designed for C&D and C&I recovery applications by separating the input into: stones, wood and RDF material.

Since its introduction, we have supplied many DDS windshifters worldwide and nowadays we are installing the DDS windshifters in many other applications. For example, using a DDS windshifter to process MSW and plastic waste is a relatively new market but has gained popularity in RDF/SRF applications. Particularly suitable for alternative fuel production for cement factories. The DDS windshifter adds value by protecting the secondary shredder, removing inert and creating medium (calciner) and high (main burner) calorific value RDF/SRF.

When flexibility is required due to changes to input material or output quality, we have a unique solution to offer our customers. We can equip the DDS with an additional conveyor so you can direct the light fraction to the mid-heavy fraction and vice versa. So it is possible to use a DDS windshifter (3 fraction separator) as an SDS windshifter (2 fraction separator)! You can simply adapt your process with one setting.

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A recent installation in a French Packaging Waste sorting installation.

Nihot supplied 2 x WSF windshifters for extracting plastic film for further processing (waste recovery). One of these windshifters has a unique split-belt configuration to process A) 60-150 mm fraction on one side and B) 150-300 mm fraction size on the other side.

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A recycling plant in Australia operational with a Nihot DDS and SDS windshifter!

Both windshifters are processing C&D waste and creating a 3-way separation: (1) clean hardcore, (2) a wood fraction for recovery (2) and an RDF fraction (3). The DDS 1600 is processing 66 tph with a 50-110 mm fraction size.

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