Our successful SDi windshifter


The 100th SDi is at work in Italy, purifying glass product for our customer Revet

Nihot has installed its 100th SDi windshifter at Revet Recycling SpA in Pontedera, Italy. After having supplied a substantial number of legacy SDS 650-C machines, Nihot introduced its successor in 2014. The SDi windshifter is a semi-mobile, plug-and-play windshifter using industry-leading negative pressure technology to sort a wide range of material by density.

Revet’s objective was to improve the quality of outbound glass from its sorting facility. “The SDi windshifter was quickly installed and results were not only obvious and very impressive, but immediate,” said Cristiano Proietti, Responsible for Engineering and Installations of Revet. “The output is free of light material like plastic and paper and the performance is very consistent.”

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We will be exhibiting at Ecomondo 2019 (November 05th – 08th) and you are very welcome to visit us at Pavilion A3 – booth 63!

The booth will feature our ultimate separation solutions (screen, air, optical and AI robotics technologies) and we will display our DRS disc screen. We’re looking forward to the show and please stop by our booth when you’re there!



For many years, we have our SDi windshifter available as a demo unit. This traveling, working demo unit was designed to give plant owners, plant managers, operational managers and others a look at the operation and separation efficiency of the windshifter combined with their own waste material. More than 57% of all those tests result in actual supply.

Demo Tour
This years alone, the demonstration of our windshifter took place at several locations in Holland, Italy, France, Hungary, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. The demo unit will continue its journey the following weeks to Estonia, Germany, Holland, Norway and France. Interested in testing with your input material? Contact Nihot sales@nihot.nl).


Over the 100 installations, the SDi has proven to be the most reliable and versatile separator of heavy material from lighter material. It separates a large variety of waste streams, up to 200 mm such as: Commercial and Industrial waste (C&I), Commercial & Demolition waste (C&D), Municipal Solid waste (MSW), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), compost, and more. The SDi’s versatility may even be surprising to some, based on the uniqueness of the equipment’s most exceptional applications, including battery waste, seaweed and palm shell kernel!

Key characteristics of the SDi:

  • Plug-and-play air separator with an integrated dust filter and electrical cabinet, and fitted with extendable support legs
  • Adjustable separation settings during operation provide superior separation efficiency
  • Fraction size capability from 0-10 mm up to 0-200 mm
  • Fast and easy to install: Operational within 30 minutes of delivery
  • Low energy consumption due to our unique configuration with a recirculation fan
  • Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime, low perational costs
  • Dust-free operation – positive effect of negative pressure technology
  • Equipped with stone catcher to prevent blockage inside the blow ducting
  • Fits fully assembled in a standard semi-trailer or 40’ container


October 09th – 11th
Poznań, Poland

November 05th – 08th
Rimini, Italy

May 4th – 8th
Munich, Germany

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