A word from the Managing Director

Let me start with sending the best wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020.

We look back to an exciting 2019, a year that marked many accomplished at Nihot, including: the installation of the first SDX windshifter, adding a third building in Amsterdam to accommodate our growth, signing our largest order ever (the project is in Australia) and record growth in emerging markets including Asia. We could not have done this without all of our worldwide customers, partners and employees.

2020, already a great year since this is the year we will celebrate our 75th anniversary! It all started on March the 1st in 1945 with the production of wood stoves. The business changed little-by-little over the years, operating within several industries before deciding to solely focus on the business of recycling.

We hope that Nihot can partner with you again as we create value through recovery and continue to a better world by diverting waste. We will continue to grow our business by being the global provider of Air, Screen, Optical and Artificial Intelligence separation technology.

Our teams are continuously working on improvements and we will keep you informed throughout the year on the progress of several developments we are actively working on.

Thank you and looking forward to another great year!


Huig van der Meij
Managing Director


It all started on 01 March 1945 with the production of wood stoves but Nihot quickly changed to the design and production of extraction and incineration plants for the wood industry. In the 1960s we produced spray booths for cars and trucks.

The company shifted the course in the 1970s to focus on extraction equipment for the graphic industry. It was during this period that Nihot laid the foundation and created the predecessors of our current windshifter equipment.

Since 2013, Nihot is member of Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), established in Eugene, Oregon (USA), and offers the entire product range that is available within the group. Such as separation using NRT optical sorters, BHS disc screens and the unique Max-AI® technology. Max identifies recyclables similar to the way a person does, only with machine vision powered by artificial intelligence. Max directs robots to pick and place recyclables and even adds intelligence to optical sorters.

After 75 years of experience, including the production of separation technologies since the 1980s, we have sold almost 1000 windshifters worldwide. Who will receive the 1000th windshifter? We will inform you within our next newsletter!


We couldn’t have done it without you!


For several years, we have had our SDi windshifters and DRS disc screens available as demo units. Both are designed to give plant owners, plant managers, operational managers and others a look at the operation and separation efficiency of the equipment when used on their own waste material. These demos have been so successful that most tests lead to the delivery of a new machine.

We believe in our statement ‘Seeing is Believing’ and this year, especially for our 75th anniversary, you can test with these demo units rental free! Interested in testing with your input material? Please contact us (sales@nihot.nl).

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Three years ago we introduced our Max-AI® technology and today there are more than eighty Max-AI® robots active around the world. From the US and Australia to Belgium, France, England, Spain, Norway, Austria and Asia, Max-AI technology is helping operators produce high quality products without sort labour and with lower operating costs. Nihot is offering this innovative technology to the recycling industry in Europe.

Video of our Max-AI in action.

Max-AI® technology is an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. Through deep learning technology, Max employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similarly to the way a person does. The technology is driving improvements in Material Recovery Facility (MRF) design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, and more.

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May 4th – 8th
IFAT Exhibition

November 3rd – 6th
Ecomondo Exhibition

December 1st – 4th
Pollutec Exhibition

More from Nihot

Successful trip to South Korea again for commissioning our SDS windshifter in an RDF production line.

The SDS 1400 windshifter is removing inert material from C&I waste for the protection of the secondary shredder (reducing OPEX) and creating RDF with a high calorific value. The windshifter is processing a 15-300 mm fraction size. Nihot windshifters are characterized by using negative pressure (aspiration)

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Returning French customer with multiple Nihot windshifters with yet another operational SDi windshifter in ASR (zurik) waste!

We have recently supplied an SDi 800 windshifter for removing plastics and fluff (light fraction) for creating a clean zurik (heavy) fraction. The windshifter is processing a 13-40 mm fraction size. The Nihot windshifters are characterized by using negative pressure (aspiration) to separate waste into a heavy and light fraction.

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