SDX windshifter achieved customer’s demands


We have installed the first new SDX windshifter at a Belgium-based Nihot customer, GST Recycling bvba. After a period of 4 months the customer is still very satisfied! They have not needed to adjust any settings and the machine is operational for nearly 24 hours a day.

The GST Recycling plant is supplier of substitute fuel and is demanding ultimate protection of the secondary shredders with precise separation efficiency. These demanding requirements make this the perfect site for the SDX to prove itself in the field. In combination with the secondary shredders and pelletizers, the SDX helps to produce RDF with a high calorific value to be used in blast furnaces, lime kilns, cement kilns and power plants.

“Easy, simple and cost effective with high-end performance,” said Joep Barenbrug, Director Sales & Marketing of Nihot. “Those were the basic development guidelines of creating a dedicated windshifter for RDF/SRF applications. Nihot has been supplying its SDS-range of windshifters for a large variety of waste industries for many years. A large portion of them are being used for RDF/SRF applications. We listened to our customers who were requesting simple and economically friendly priced windshifters to remove inert materials from pre-shredded waste for the protection of secondary shredders and to produce a high quality RDF/SRF. We also noticed that, in the ever demanding RDF/SRF market, more and more windshifters are being shipped to overseas areas.”

“After thorough development we were very enthusiastic about our first prototype, which we thoroughly tested in our Amsterdam headquarters. The first installed unit is now in operation for more than four months, performing to the full satisfaction of the customer! The strength of the Nihot SDX windshifter is that it combines the great success of our SDi semi-mobile ‘one-size-fits-all’ principle with the high-end performance and capacity of our SDS-range. By clever engineering and eliminating the adjustment features our customers were not needing in these RDF/SRF applications, we created a very effective, user friendly and economically priced air separator dedicated to this material type. Next to the price of the machine, we also looked into the other aspects of installing the SDX into an RDF/SRF installation. Due to less ducting, fixed position of the fan and other features, we can reduce transport costs and assembly time on site. All in all we believe to have found the right air separation solution for RDF/SRF applications that can be described as the ultimate protection at the lowest cost per tonne,” Joep Barenbrug concluded.

Soon we will add more locations to our SDX reference list. We have sold two SDX windshifters in Bulgaria and one in Slovenia. And before the end of the year we expect to close projects in Romania and Thailand. Interested? We will keep you informed via our newsletter but for more information about the SDX windshifter, please contact Nihot (



The new SDX windshifter is specially designed for RDF/SRF installations as the ultimate separation solution for realizing premium protection of the secondary shredders at the lowest cost per tonne. The windshifter employs industry-leading negative pressure technology (suction) to remove inert materials from the waste stream.

Key objectives of our SDX windshifter:

  • Designed for and employed in RDF/SRF productions
  • Protects secondary shredders
  • Standard design
  • Fast delivery time
  • Fast assembly on-site
  • Economically priced



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