Final assembly of the first SDX windshifter is complete


Final assembly of the first SDX windshifter is complete! While our windshifters have always performed on a high level in RDF/SRF applications, this is the first unit that is designed solely for this purpose.

After extensive testing we will install the new SDX windshifter at a Belgium-based Nihot customer. Their plant is supplier of substitute fuel and is demanding ultimate protection of the secondary shredder with precise separation efficiency. The demanding requirements make for the perfect site for the SDX to prove itself in the field. We are positive that it will quickly achieve our high expectations and our customer’s performance demands. We will keep you informed of this new SDX’s field experience and share video; as we like to say, “Seeing is believing!”


Our new SDX windshifter is a windshifter using industry-leading negative pressure (suction) technology to remove inert materials from the waste stream for the protection of secondary shredders. The interest in this solution has been high, confirming our customers’ demand: ultimate protection at the lowest cost per ton.

Key objectives of our SDX windshifter:

  • Designed for and employed in RDF/SRF productions
  • Protects secondary shredders
  • Standard design
  • Fast delivery time
  • Fast assembly on-site
  • Economically priced


Our NPF filter is a dedicated filter for secondary shredders/granulators and the perfect solution for dust extraction, which improves air quality and labour conditions.

The NPF filters operate independently from a centralized de-dusting system. They can fit on all types of secondary shredders and are maintenance free, highly reliable and energy efficient.


Our DRS disc screen is available as a demo unit, which can prove the separation efficiency on your site with your waste input.

The DRS disc screen separates a large variety of waste streams, such as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste, glass, Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), packaging waste, biomass and various other materials.

Key objectives of the DRS disc screen:

  • Due to the special in-line configuration, shape (Tri-Disc™) and specific timing of the discs, long and flexible items are unlikely to wrap.
  • The special designed Tri-Discs generates a very effective ‘wave-like agitation’ to liberate the material while transporting over the screen deck.
  • Strong, completely solid and hardened discs.
  • First 1-3 shafts are used as impact shafts.
  • Inclined and declined decks available, depending on the nature of the waste.
  • Available in single, double and triple deck variations.
  • Double and triple decks impart a ‘waterfall’ effect, flipping material to ensure complete separation
  • More than 50% of all tests result in actual supply. Interested in testing with your input material?


More than 900 windshifters installed worldwide. We recently visited Hyötypaperi in Finland to take a look at our SDS windshifter.

In 2011 we have installed the SDS in a mixed C&D and C&I operation to create a clean RDF fraction. The SDS 1200 removes inert material to protect the secondary shredder, leaving a RDF product with a high calorific value. The customer remains more than pleased with the performance of the windshifter, which runs continuously trouble free.


We have recently installed a windshifter in South Korea to remove the inert material from the C&I waste stream. This SDi 800 windshifter is performing better than expected!

According to the very satisfied customer: “Guaranteed removal of the inert material and the high calorific RDF end product is immediately ready for transportation to the cement kiln.”


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