Milestone of 100 SDi windshifters!

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence and efforts which enabled Nihot to become a key player in the field of air separation technology.

The 100th SDi is at work in Italy, purifying glass product for our customer Revet 

Nihot has installed its 100th SDi windshifter at Revet Recycling SpA in Pontedera, Italy. After having supplied a substantial number of legacy SDS 650-C machines, Nihot introduced its successor in 2014. The SDi windshifter is a semi-mobile, plug-and-play windshifter using industry-leading negative pressure technology to sort a wide range of material by density. Revet, the proud owner of the 100th SDi windshifter, collects, processes and sorts a variety of waste types for more than 80% of the Tuscan population. The company’s mission is to recycle as much material as possible to help create a true circular economy.

Revet’s objective was to improve the quality of outbound glass from its sorting facility. In the Tuscany region, the glass is collected and processed in what Revet calls the heavies stream, which is comprised of mixed glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and tetrapak packaging. In-line with corporate goals, the customer wanted to recycle as much glass as possible. The customer’s requirements and high expectations were the perfect opportunity for the SDi to once again prove itself as the best-in-class solution in glass recovery.

“The SDi windshifter was quickly installed and results were not only obvious and very impressive, but immediate,” said Cristiano Proietti, Responsible for Engineering and Installations of Revet. “The output is free of light material like plastic and paper and the performance is very consistent. We are very pleased to have ordered the 100th SDi windshifter – it has been running for about a month and is operational for 56 hours a week. We have had zero downtime and we haven’t touched the adjustable settings – the Nihot technicians tuned it during commissioning and we have been impressed with the quality since that time.”

“Beyond the added recognition of this fortunate coincidence, being the 100th SDi customer is assuring. We know that we purchased a machine that is already working successfully for many other companies around the world. Our expectations were high and at this moment the machine is fully realizing them,” Proietti concluded.

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