Max-AI® CoBot

The Max-AI® collaborative robots (CoBots) are designed to work safely alongside people, minimizing structural requirements and footprint while improving maintenance access. The CoBot can be quickly and easily placed into existing Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) with negligible downtime.

Within a MRF, the CoBot can be quickly installed in sorting cabins, narrow walkways and other tight locations. It is also easily scalable; up to four CoBots can be added behind each Max-AI® VIS (Visual Identification System).

This advanced technology uses a machine vision system to see the material, specialized artificial intelligence to think and identify each item, and robotic sorters to pick targeted items or contamination. Max-AI® provides MRF operators with sustained and consistent sorting performance while improving safety, recovery, product quality and operational expenses.

Interested and want to know more? Please visit the Max-AI website or contact us.

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