DDS windshifter producing high quality SRF

We have recently installed our biggest DDS windshifter, the DDS 2000, in an SRF plant (solid recovered fuel) in the United Kingdom.

The customer, N+P Subcoal®, is more than pleased with the performance of the windshifter. The line is processing pre-separated C&I/MSW waste and the DDS windshifter adds value by protecting the secondary shredder, removing inert and creating high calorific value SRF (used in a kiln or boiler).

“For the build of our UK-based Subcoal Production TSP plant, where we produce alternative fuels, we have informed the EPC contractor that cleaning steps are of utmost importance to us,” said Michael Kolijn, Operations at Subcoal International B.V. “Subcoal® Pellets is based on the concept we have successfully operated for more than 10 years in Farmsum, the Netherlands (Subcoal Production FRM BV). Due to our experience we know that quality is key for alternative fuels and therefore the plant is designed with numerous cleaning steps. As part of the control of the cleaning separation the infeed is vital. During the design process we spoke and tested with several parties in air separation and ultimately chose to implement a DDS windshifter from Nihot in our process as a critical element for further cleaning steps.”

“Since we began operating, the machine has performed according to the expectations and we trust it will do so in the future to assist us in producing high-quality alternative fuels,” Kolijn said.

“The DDS windshifter is specifically designed to separate a waste stream into three fractions (light, mid-heavy and heavy) all done in one pass,” said Nihot Sales and Marketing Director Joep Barenbrug. “Due to its versatility, the DDS has proven to be very efficient in several types of industries like C&I/C&D for aggregates and wood recovery plus RDF production. In (pre-sorted) MSW and Light Packaging waste the DDS is being used for removal of inert and create a medium and a high calorific RDF/SRF fraction.”

Within this plant the DDS windshifter is separating the waste into:
Heavy inert fraction: stones, glass, inert etc. (protection of the shredders)
Mid-heavy fraction: cardboard, plastics, light wood, rubber, etc.
Light fraction: Paper, light cardboard, film, etc.

This unique concept generates an optimisation on the sorting process. The medium fraction contains almost all the chlorine particles which are then removed by optical sorters. The light fraction is post sorted by optical sorters to remove paper and reduce the ash content. Afterwards the light and medium fraction are blend together towards the fine shredding of SRF.

“We say thank you to our valued customer N+P Subcoal® for their confidence and wish them many years of fine quality SRF production,” Barenbrug concluded.

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Teaser video

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