Another windshifter in an RDF production – removing any inert material (Romania)

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence and efforts which enabled Nihot to become a key player in the field of air separation technology.

Through Geocycle Romania, Nihot has supplied and installed another SDS windshifter in Romania for the separation of MSW waste.

The customer is SC Girexim SA, a landfill operator and the input to the SDS windshifter is the residue coming from the sorting cabins for final RDF quality improvement before they ship it to Campulung, Geocycle. Geocycle is a leading provider of waste management services worldwide and a member of LafargeHolcim (provides the widest range of high quality cements on the market).

Objective: Upgrade the MSW sorted material by removing the non-shreddable material from the waste stream and creating coarse RDF with a higher calorific value.

Nihot’s scope of supply

SDS 1200
Capacity 20 t/h
Fraction size 8-350 mm

More information about the SDS, click here.

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