Nihot Recycling Technology BV is part of the Bulk Handling Systems Group and is equipped and trained to provide first class service for the equipment as sold within the group. This includes equipment like the Nihot Windshifter range, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) screening technology, National Recovery Technologies (NRT) optical sorting equipment and the Max-AI® Robotic Sorters range. We also have a dedicated service team to provide on site support such as preventive maintenance inspections, parts replacement, training on site, calibration of the systems and much more. With all this broad experience we can service our customers and support them with finding suitable solutions for existing and new challenges.

Want to know more or are you looking for support with your request, please do not hesitate to contact us via the below contact page, send an email to or call +31 (0)20 58 220 30.

We offer the following services for the brands under the BHS group:

  • Service,
  • Parts,
  • Maintenance,
  • Preventive Maintenance contracts,
  • Commissioning/separation support,
  • Technicians on site,
  • Retrofits or upgrades.


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SDi windshifters creating a clean heavy and light fraction for recycling purposes

Reference video of our first windshifters operational in 2024 in Latvia! Last week, we have commissioned an SDi 800 and SDi 650 windshifter in a Construction and Demolition waste sorting center in Latvia.

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A recent reference in South Korea, a new RDF production line with our SDX windshifter for removing inert material!

The SDX 1400 windshifter, dedicated for RDF/SRF production plants, is removing inert material from Mixed waste for the protection of the secondary shredder and creating RDF with a high calorific value.

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