About Nihot

Established in 1945, Nihot Recycling Technology B.V. started its business by producing air ducts for small wood furnaces. The business changed over the years, operating within several industries before deciding in the 1980s to solely focus on the business of recycling. Today Nihot is member of the Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) Family of Companies and the leading global provider of air technology to the waste and recycling industries. Nihot’s air separators reflect a superior reliability, offering the highest waste separation efficiencies. From consultation and design to manufacture, delivery, installation and ongoing training and support, Nihot’s team of in-house experts are with you every step of the way.

Why Nihot

  • Nihot has 75 years of experience and is a recognized leader in the field
  • Expertise and knowledge: a global supplier and market leader in air technologies to separate waste
  • High-quality systems and components that are built for the long-run (see our references) and are utilized for virtually all types of solid waste
  • Highest degree of separation efficiency (up to 99%)
  • Seeing is believing: A full-scale test center in our factory and mobile test units to prove the separation efficiency with your waste materials.
  • 100% in-house manufacturing
  • Global presence
  • >990 operational references world wide
  • Nihot systems operate at the lowest cost per tonne

Negative pressure: Positive results!

Nihot windshifters separate by means of negative pressure, or suction! This method provides the most precise separation. In addition to the performance advantages, negative pressure also contributes to a dust-free environment.

BHS & Nihot

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) started in the 1970s building material handling and sizing equipment for the wood products industry. Today BHS designs, engineers and manufactures integrated recycling systems and builds the most effective screens in the recycling industry. As they grew as systems provider, they made the strategic decision to add companies to their portfolio that similarly provided best-in-class equipment throughout their recycling systems. Nihot certainly met the BHS criteria and became a member of the BHS Family of Companies in 2013.

With Nihot’s experience in component sales, we embraced the BHS Debris Roll Screen® (DRS disc screen) in 2015 and started selling this great sizing tool as an addition to our windshifters range. Combined the perfect solution for a large variety of waste streams; the accurate sizing tool for a precise fraction size in front of a high-efficient air separation system for a heavy/light fraction based on both material density and volume. With the disc screen and windshifter in line you will have the perfect combination for an unbeatable performance. And to back up our confidence, the first steps have been made to start producing the disc screens in our factory in Amsterdam, the same location were we produce our windshifters.

In 2017 BHS introduced Max-AI® technology and the Max-AI® AQC (Autonomous Quality Control). The Max-AI AQC is a robotic sorting solution, a machine combined with an artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. The Max-AI AQC uses its vision system to see the material, its artificial intelligence to think and identify each item, and a robot to pick targeted items. This breakthrough technology is driving improvements in system design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, safety and more. Nihot is more than enthusiastic about this product and offers the full line of Max-AI products to the recycling industry in Europe.

From the early start to after sales

Are you searching for an efficient solution to separate waste by using air? Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your current waste separation system? Nihot has a high level of expertise and know-how, which is valuable at every stage of a project, from the early start until long after the delivery. Apart from the expertise we gained in the field over the years, we have test units (SDi windshifters and DRS disc screens) available to develop new techniques and to test unknown material compositions, types of materials.


Nihot’s products and solutions can be utilized to separate a large variety of waste materials, read more about the different applications.

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