A recycling plant in Australia operational with a Nihot DDS and SDS windshifter!

Both windshifters are processing C&D waste and creating a 3-way separation: (1) clean hardcore, (2) a wood fraction for recovery (2) and an RDF fraction (3).

The DDS 1600 is processing 66 tph with a 50-110 mm fraction size.
The SDS 1400 is processing 35 tph with a 20-50 mm fraction size.

The Nihot SDS windshifters are characterized by using negative pressure (aspiration) to separate waste into a heavy and light fraction. This method has proven to provide the most precise separation efficiency. And the DDS is even more special since this windshifter separates the waste into a heavy, mid-heavy and light fraction (1 windshifter = 3 fractions)!

More information about the DDS windshifter: https://nihot.nl/products/dds-windshifter/
More information about the SDS windshifter: https://nihot.nl/products/sds-windshifter/

Or contact our sales department: sales@nihot.nl

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