Nihot, the proven leader of waste separation technologies, is member of the Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) Family of Companies and the leading global provider of waste separation technologies and waste recycling solutions to the waste and recycling industries. Nihot’s air separators and conveyors reflect a superior reliability, offering the highest waste separation efficiencies. From consultation and design to manufacture, delivery, installation and ongoing training and support, Nihot’s team of in-house experts are with you every step of the way.

Nihot windshifters separate by means of negative pressure, or suction! This method provides the most precise separation. In addition to the performance advantages, negative pressure also contributes to a dust-free environment.

Are you searching for an efficient solution to separate waste by using air? Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your current waste separation system? Nihot has a high level of expertise and know-how, which is valuable at every stage of a project, from the early start until long after the delivery.

  • Nihot has 75 years of experience and is a recognized leader in the field
  • Expertise and knowledge: a global supplier and market leader in air technologies to separate waste

In 2017 BHS introduced Max-AI® technology and the Max-AI® AQC (Autonomous Quality Control). The Max-AI AQC is a robotic sorting solution, a machine combined with an artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. The Max-AI AQC uses its vision system to see the material, its artificial intelligence to think and identify each item, and a robot to pick targeted items. This breakthrough technology is driving improvements in system design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, safety and more.

Nihot’s products and solutions can be utilized to separate a large variety of waste materials, read more about the different applications.

We are the proven leader of waste separation technologies.

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WSF windshifter for extracting plastic film for further processing (waste recovery)

A recent installation in a Municipal Solid Waste Mechanical Treatment Centre in Portugal (Azores). Nihot supplied a WSF windshifter for extracting plastic film for further processing (waste recovery) and 2 x Film Aspiration System (FAS) suction points for taking out film and foils from the waste stream (manual sorting).

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New RDF production plant in Italy with three Nihot windshifters included!

We installed 2x DDS windshifters and 1x SDS windshifter for removing inert material from MSW waste for the protection of the secondary shredder (reducing OPEX) and creating RDF with a high calorific value. 1. DDS 1400 windshifter is processing 25 tph with a 30-300 mm fraction size. 2.

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